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Hello everyone. Nice to see you. The "y" button on my laptop isn't working so well, so forgive any typos.

Things are going well - work is good, home is good (when I'm there, which isn't as often as I like but will probably be more now), I'm feeling satisfied with a lot of things, and I'm writing again, which is always good. March is alwas a shitty month, and I'll be glad to see the back end of it and possibly put my boot up its ass, but I think April will be even better.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 73 degrees, and I plan on spending my entire lunch hour outside, breathing in air that doesn't come back out as vapors, that doesn't make your chest ache. Sitting on a marble bench that isn't so cold it burns your skin through your clothes. Oh, spring! Where the fuck have you been?

In less happy news, Raul and Julia are gone, and walking into their old office and not seeing them there kind of squishes my soul every morning. I expect to walk in a and wish my favorite customer service team hello, but now it's just Rob. And he's always cranky. Well, he's not always cranky, but he always looks cranky. *snerk* I miss you guys already, though, seriously. I walked down Steinway past your place and couldn't believe that if I just went over and rang the bell, you wouldn't be there to buzz me in.

I would be afeared that the Astoria crew would start to fade out of my life, but I just agreed to help out with a rather time-intensive project so hopefully that will put my fears to rest. It's completely irrational, but there's always that worry when you've infiltrated someone's group of friends that their leaving will dissolve any ties you had to that group. I don't actually think that'll happen, but that's what makes it irrational. Shut up. You all know what I mean. I'm allowed to girl out every now and then.

What else, what else. I'm working on a submission for an anthology, and if I can get what's in my head to actually be on the paper, I think I have a decent chance at getting it published. It's interesting a dark and sexual without being tasteless (not that I write a lot of tasteless things, but I recognize that in short story fiction, there's a very fine fucking line). I just need to find time to write it - I haven't had more than a half hour to sit and fuck around on the computer in weeks. Maybe I'll bring my laptop and work on it at lunch tomorrow. In the delicious warm weather. Yes. *purrs*

Also, I want to marry Titus Pollo and smoke cigars with him on a beach in Monte Carlo. That is all.

Best day ever. *preens*

To paraphrase a conversation with Raul, today I got my tax return, quit my job, scheduled a body rub and massage and facial for tomorrow, booked a cruise, and now I'm buying underwear online. In about two hours I'm going to have ex-coworkers buying me drinks 'til I get wasted, then I'm having dinner at Veselka and going to a very good friend's comedy show. If I make out with someone, this may be the best day of the decade.

Man, kissing boys on New Year's really does make it a better year!

Passing on the internets fun

Stolen from Dee, because she always brings the funny...

When you skimp on the researchCollapse )

Feeling a lot better today, which is strange. Good, but strange. I'm now worried that my attempt to compensate the lack of iron wrecked my immune system, which is a strange thing to have happen. I will have to get healthy and then reinstate the iron to see if I get sick again. Or I could just, you know, go to a doctor once I have insurance. *gasp!*

I sprained my ankle last night while walking to the train, and unfortunatley I did it with a serious badlyness. I just tripped over a dip in the sidewalk, and luckily Rob was there to catch me (and also make me feel clumsy and embarrassed), but the damage was done. I was able to walk to the train without much problem, since the first few minutes after a sprain don't really bother you too much. After an hour on the train, though, my ankle stiffened up and it was a tear-filled trip of horror to hobble the two blocks to my apartment from the subway. And waking up this morning was another nightmare, since it was all swollen and bruised and tender, and made out of pain. Luckily the trip to the office wasn't too strenuous - I took my time and someone was nice enough to let me sit down on the train - and then I taped it up with stuff from the first aid kit when I got here, so now it's okay. Just a bit painful, but the advil is helping with that. So now I'm limping and coughing. Whee!

My boss was fascinated while watching me tape my own ankle. Ever since I tore my CCFL my sophomore year in college (serious Grade 3 tear, not just a little sprain), I've sprained my ankle at least once every year, usually more like every four months, and usually not that bad. So I'm used to taping my own ankle. And I know how to do so correctly because I used to teach the Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR classes at my college. It seems like no matter how many times I tell people, they always forget that I didn't always look like this - I actually used to swim fifty laps every day and wear a bathing suit to work. Every time I say "I know how to do so-and-so because I used to be a lifeguard" they always look surprised, and then unconsciously give me the once-over. *shrug* I don't much care though. I have the satisfaction of knowing that at 18 years old, I saved a child's life. That's something cool that being overweight doesn't cancel out. :D

Speaking of which, being sick has done me some good in that area - I've lost weight since I couldn't really swallow and all the meds cancel out my appetite. Whee! I'm actually kind of down about this, because my clothes already fit poorly from the last bit of weight loss in October. Hopefully I really will get my tax return this weekend, and will be able to buy new clothes for my new job. I'm actually considering splurging on a cashmere sweater from UNIQLO, but my frugal side will probably smack me silly and tell me to back away from the $60 item of clothing. But cashmere is so fuzzy! I will tell it. But cashmere is such a hard thing to clean! it will counter, and it will be right. Oh well. I'll still go try it on.

My new boss called me last night to welcome me and work out exactly when I would start, and then invited me out for drinks with my new coworkers on Tuesday to celebrate my arrival. How lovely! I think I'm going to do very, very well there. And if I don't, I'll have no one to blame but myself, because they're more than willing to be welcoming and help me in any way I need. Which is a new working experience. *L*

I am spending Valentine's with friends and making Booze Cake and Jeremy's Tipsy Cake, and also maybe some non-boozy non-dessert food. Hehe. Well, I am making all the boozy food in the event that my landlord has not cashed my rent check my tomorrow, since my direct deposit doesn't go through until midnight. I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear though. Maybe I'll make some stir-fry. I haven't made stir-fry in a while. Mmm.


I'm still sick, but sometime around 5am my lungs finally waved a snotty white flag and surrendered to the chemical concoction I've been consuming for the last two days. I got a teensy bit of sleep, but most importantly it seems that my body is just plain tired of coughing. I feel like I should be coughing, like I'm sick enough to still be coughing, but that my muscles have given up and refuse to be bothered with it. Which I don't mind a whole lot, considering I've been working on six-pack abs with all the coughing I've been doing. That, and I keep making the Bill the Cat face. Ugh.

I think this is hilarious... it's like the gamer girl visual diary. And today's lesson from SGR was "Don't let a boy put anything in you that isn't a hot dinner," so apparently sex is weighing heavily on everyone's minds. I thought V-Day was supposed to be for schmoopy things, not for that 4am last-call-at-the-bar air of desperation. Who needs another holiday for that? I mean, isn't that what New Year's is for? Sheesh.

My room is a wreck (and I mean a disaster) but I can't really exert myself without falling over, so I haven't been able to clean it. I'm hoping that by the time I get home tonight I'll feel better enough to deal with it, since I can't handle vaulting over my laundry to get to my bed any longer. I don't know how I let it get this bad - I mean, I can keep it spotless for a good long while, and then one day will go by where I'm sick or tired or just can't be bothered, and it's like my entire room vomits laundry on the floor - and nothing less than an entire day devoted to cleaning will get it back in order. Is that how it is with everyone? Gah.

Each paragraph previous to this one was ended with an onomatopoeia, and I'm kinda okay with that.

There were sparrows building a nest in front of my building this morning. I wish I were as convinced of Spring as they are. I want the warmth back! I will take the 98% humidity, just make this infernal cold go away!

Stuffs in mah body

Delsym, Mucinex, Primatine, Ricola cough drops, Nyquil, orange juice, Amoxicillan left over from the strep throat incident.

When I breeze in, it wheezes. When I breathe out, it rattles. Fun!

I had to cancel all my plans, including hanging out in Astoria for a friend's birthday last night, seeing the crew today for games, and Jeremy's show tonight. And I totally would have made it to the show if it were possible for me to move without doubling over. Ugh. I think I'm gonna have to suck it up and go to the doctor tomorrow, even if it does cost me a couple hundred bucks. I can't take the chance on another infection. Boo!

Add Advil to that list, since the coughing is giving me a headaache. Is there any way to stop me from whining? No way, man. I'm a whine machine! :)

sicksicksicksicksicksicksick *cough*

How? How did this happen again? I was sick three months ago, why the hell am I sick again? I think perhaps the plague blanket on the couch is to blame. It looks as though it was once traded for wampum beads.

I spent all night coughing, coughing, coughing. I went through half a bottle of cough syrup in about three hours in an attempt to stop coughing, and all that happened was I got sorta high. Does cough syrup ever make anyone stop coughing? It's never done so for me, but I'm always filled with hope. Six dollars worth of hope. Fuckers. However, I have gone from having a meaningless annoying cough to lungs full of crud. I will need to find some Mucinex and some of that bronchial stuff that starts with a P. I can't remember. Either way, I'm seriously full of ill, and I don't want to be. Couldn't it have waited a week? Just one week until my new insurance kicks in, that's all I ask. But no, I have to get sick now, during the last few days when I can't go to the doctor. I swear to god, if I start coughing up blood again, I'll... shit, I can't even think of a good threat against the world and/or the baby Jesus. I just don't want to bleed out of my lungs again.

I'm glad I don't have anything to do today, because I don't think I could handle it right now. I really need to clean my room, but unfortunately I can't so much do anything strenuous. Thank goodness for DVR!

If anyone wants to come bring me chicken soup, I wouldn't really complain. ;)

These rambling ways

Holy shit, is it Friday already? How in the world did that happen? Just yesterday it was Monday and I was deciding how best to quit my job, and now here it is Friday already and I've only a week left to go in this hell-hole! Here I am, sitting at my desk and taking the exit interview online, planning next week's debauchery and sticking my fingers in all the office gossip I can before I leave. Life is kinda awesome.

Before I start babbling, I should make with the memeing.

It's Friday, bitches!

Reading: Still reading Watership Down because I haven't been in the right mood/state of mind to really devote myself to the last section of the book, and I don't want to half-ass it. I want to be able to understand everything and tie it all together in my head, and I can't do that unless it has my full attention. In the meantime, someone who shall remain nameless gave me a very tawdry and silly romance novel to read. I am, of course, almost finished with it. What is it about crappy romance novels that are so irresistable? Anyway, at some point this weekend I will finish reading The 300 as well.

Writing: Not a damn thing. Been too busy getting my life together for any of that.

Wearing: Black turtleneck wool sweater, red long-sleeve t-shirt, comfy jeans, black leather belt, black stripey socks, black leather loafers. I can't remember what skivies I'm wearing.

Planning: I am very tempted to skip out of work early since I have the Death Cough and am annoying both myself and everyone around me. Tonight I'm making dinner for Jeremy - it is chicken and biscuits night at Chez Selli - and we will watch movies and/or worship at the alter of the XBox 360. And also drink beer. We like drinking beer. Tomorrow is Saturday, which involves nothing that I can think of other than cleaning my room, which I've been avoiding all week. Sunday there will be a trip to Astoria, followed by a brief interlude where I'll go see Jeremy's kick-ass show, and then back to Astoria for Rome and BSG. Wait, that means I will have to show up in Queens early to catch up on the episode of Rome I missed last week. Curses! Sleep will elude me once more.

* * *

I really, really can't wait to start my new job. Not just to get away from this one, but because I'm anxious to learn exactly what I'll be doing, what my responsibilities and expectations will be, and most of all how quickly I'll be able to pick up everything they'll need to teach me. I want to know what I'll be doing so I can figure out how fast I can get myself to doing it, and then get myself to excelling at it. Man, having a job with any sort of hope of success kind of changes your whole outlook on things. :)

Also, I want chicken and biscuits. Mmmmm. Alsoalso, icon in celebration of Thank You, Robot!

Big news

I got the job.


And now I've just got to figure out how to hand in my notice. I'm going to wait until my bosses are done with their lunch meetings so I'm not personally responsible for fucking up their day. Their week, I'm okay with. But I'm trying to be as nice as possible.


I should be getting all the paperwork in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday (tomorrow, I hope) and then I can officially accept everything and make it happen. Ohmigod.


I spent most of the weekend either sick or drunk in celebration, so my apologies for missing emails and phone calls and other various things. Once I get through February and get settled into my new position (which has the word MANAGER in the title!) I will arrange a party of large and happy proportions, I promise. Oh, and I did my tax returns, and I'm getting about $4200 back.


Life's kinda awesome right now. Except for the weird sickness I'm dealing with, which is just one more reason to be glad for the new job because I need to see my fucking doctor with a serious badliness. Extremely squishy girl problems under the cut. Seriously, if you don't want to know, go away.Collapse )

That was fun. Anyway, I love you all and will hopefully see you all soon. Jeremy, I totally owe you a six-pack for crapping out on you this weekend, so name a night this week and we shall make drinking and movies happen. I will cook dinner. It will be heavenly!

Is your ego satisfied?

Damn no!

I hope Time Warner puts out a statement that says "Stop being paranoid freaks and watch some television so you'll know what the fuck's going on. If you don't know, ask your kids - they'll be able to tell you that a lite-brite of a cartoon alien is not a fucking terrorist attack. Also, we're famous now, bitches! Haha! Thanks!"

Although haircuts from the 70's is almost as good.

* * *

I feel the need for, like, four more hours of sleep. I also need to go to the bank. And have another cigarette. This whole "quit smoking" thing is not going as well as I'd hoped. It's not that I'm running around fiending for a cigarette and twitching because I don't have one - it's that I like smoking. I just do. And making myself stop smoking is kind of like making myself stop eating cake. I'll probably be better for it, but it's not really fucking worth it.

I'm saying "fuck" a lot today. Fuckity fuck fuck. There. Maybe it's out of my fucking syst- oh. Nope.

* * *

I really must make myself work, so that I can accomplish the one thing I need to do today, so that I can be ready if I decide to bust the hell out of here. Oh man, I think I had too much coffee already today. Boo!

No sleep = cranky Selena

I'm almost unbearable to be around. I keep having to apologize immediately after speaking, because whatever I said was in the most offensive and grating tone possible. Gah. And I had a really shitty trip to the dentist today, which included me almost choking to death because the stupid bitch who's replacing my dentist while she drops a kid out of her crotch is too busy being a bitch to notice that the little suction thing isn't working, so my mouth is filling up with spit and some cavity-filling chemical compound that tastes exactly the way vomit smells. So I am trying desperately to get the little suction thing to suck up this vile concoction and keep me from choking, when aparently I closed my mouth too much and ruined the filling, and then she got pissed at me because she had to do it again. So I finish spitting out the shit in my mouth and explain to her that I'm fucking choking and she's like "Okay, sure, whatever" and starts on the second one. This time, the little suction thingee is working -- only too well, because when she tells me to open my mouth as wide as I can, it slips down from where it was resting on my lip and falls into my throat. You can imagine the fit of coughing and/or dying this invoked, which invariably ruined the second filling, which she had to start again. And again she was pissy as if the whole thing were my fault. Do I look like a contrary child? If I'm squirming and freaking the fuck out, you can pretty well assume there's something legitimately wrong. Stupid fucking bitch.

So I've spent all afternoon with half my mouth working, sleepy and irritable and utterly unbearable. And I have another interview today! Yay! I'm hoping that I will be in a marginally better mood just because I'll be leaving here. And then tonight I will hopefully do my taxes. I'm a bit worried, as this will be the first time I try a medical deduction, but I don't think it will be too complicated. TurboTax is helpful as always. I just need to compile all my receipts. *L*

I just had hugs yesterday, and already I need more. :P

* * *

I wrote that yesterday, but never posted it because I'm a silly bean.

Yesterday ended sort of badly at work, because I sent one email to Person A but actually sent it to Person B, thereby letting the Person B know that the Person A and I both thought she was a moron. Not in so many words, but it was definately a clear message. *sigh* And then on the way to the interview, the train malfunctioned and the doors wouldn't close, and it was at 50th Street so it wasn't like there was really a transfer available so I just had to sit there.

Made it to my interview on time, though, and it went just as well as the first one did. I am hoping to have an offer letter in my hand by the end of the week, which would be fucking amazing and an absolute godsend at this point. I can almost taste the sweet success of a new job. But I'm also terrified of getting too excited until I have the actual offer letter in my hand. Although I did get pretty drunk last night with Karina and Jordan. We took turns going through shots of Jagermeister until we finished the bottle. Jordan tried to wimp out, but I wrestled him and made him do another one. Or I tickled him or something, I don't remember. He took off a sock. Shut up, I was drunk.

Apparently, in order to have such good karma for the job interview, I had to have bad things happen to me all day. The final part of the interview was a phone call to the sales VP in San Fransico, which went well as far as I could tell. I hate phone interviews because it's impossible for me to read people, but then it's a teleconferencing business so I'd better get used to that. Anyway, karma demanded a sacrifice for that to go well, and it sacrificed my brand new, supposed-to-start-today, monthly metrocard. *screams in frustration* I lost a fucking brand new, unused monthly metrocard. I'm so pissed. I'd even put a little Rainbow Brite sticker on it to make sure I knew that it was the new one. And then sometime yesterday it just vacated my pocket. My old metrocard was in there, but the new one was gone. So now I've got to drop $80 on a new card. Grrrr.

I hate you, karma. If you don't get me this job, we're not going to be friends anymore. If you do, we'll continue to nod to each other at parties, and you will remain on my Christmas card list.

I slept last night, though. It was awesome.